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Thursday, May 12, 2011Y
Tada! Surprise!

My lovely kids are squeezing together for naps today AGAIN! Haha.. I love seeing them all sleeping together. How i wished i can join them too (: Hee. But i have to wear special clothings so that they wont bite it! LOL.

Okay, how many rabbits did you see at first? =P

Tada! There were five right? Haha..

Love them (:

i love my furry kids at 9:54 AM
Wednesday, May 11, 2011Y

My darlings always cheer me up no matter how upset or stressed up with life i am. The look in their eye, their touch, their nudges seem to have a magical healing power that calm me down and cheer me up.

Such lovely creatures, how can i not love? (: They seem to be a little bored recently. I wonder if its the weather? It's been really really warm lately! :(

Some pictures for today! Junior (:

Our affectionate boy is licking me again (: His warmth brightened my heart.

Powder (: Aint she getting cuter by the day?

Baby (: Look at his lazy face!

Lastly, our cutest Princess Bui! :D

With that, till the next time! (:

i love my furry kids at 10:37 PM
Friday, May 6, 2011Y
Bunnies are sensitive!

Bunnies are actually very sensitive animals. They are more sensitive than what you and me think they are! (: My little brother enlisted this morning. Somehow, my darlings seem to know that and they seem to know that something is different at home. They were all very abnormal today. They weren't as active, were all lazing the whole day! Hmm..

Some pictures to share (:

I said before i love bunnies' mouth!! Here are some for today! *Slurp*

Aww. LOVE THIS. He was actually chewing halfway and i snapped it! Lol.

Okay, till next time! (:

i love my furry kids at 6:49 PM
Thursday, May 5, 2011Y
Happy 2nd Birthday Baby!

My dearest Baby is 2 years old today!! :D

He's my first (: He's got that very special place in my heart. A bond that nobody else can replace. Say me bias, everyone has their own special place in my heart, just that Baby's is a little bit more special. Haha..

I love him, just like how I love my family. He's part of us. (: Happy birthday my dear boy! I hope he will be happy, healthy, loved and he will spend many more birthdays with us (:

My mum asked me, if you get to choose again will you still bring him home? My answer: A definite YES (: No doubt.

I love him, I love them (:

i love my furry kids at 10:32 PM
Tuesday, May 3, 2011Y
Eating and sleeping =P

My kids have their own way of eating hay. In the litterbox, outside the litterbox, behind the litterbox! Lol. I captured their way of eating tonight =p

Powder always eats inside the litterbox from the side of the hay box nearer to the wall.

Spotty and Bui loves to eat from the outside (: but usually Bui eats directly from another small box or from the ground. She's a lazy bum. Haha..

Junior inside the litterbox (:

Baby eats from behind the litterbox. I wonder why. Haha.. Guess he needs A LOT of security.

Hee. After eating, time to slack again. Powder at her favorite spot!

I did say Spotty loves to camp outside my parents' room. Haha..

That's what i mean when i say they eat from the ground. Lol. BUTTTSSS!

More butts~ Hahahaha..

Okay, thats all (: Till the next time! Good night (:

i love my furry kids at 11:08 PM
Sunday, May 1, 2011Y
Ah Bui (:

My Bui just happily hopped onto the second level and ate her hay from that little opening. Lol. And i just sat there and videoed that whole process. I dont know if you guys can understand, but it's really a joy to just sit there, do nothing and just watch them, even if they are doing that same thing over and over again. (:

So, here it is! Enjoy (:

They are just SO CUTE no matter what they do, even when they are not doing the right things. Haha.. =p

i love my furry kids at 9:53 PM
Thursday, April 28, 2011Y
We wanna go in and PLAY!!

Spotty opened up the playpen at my parents' room thrice this morning! ALL BY HIMSELF. Clever boy huh. Recently he kept staying near the door, so that he can slip in whenever there's chance! Lol.

Naughty kids camping at the door this morning. Haha.. But i couldn't capture any of their mischief! =P

But I still love them to bits! =P

i love my furry kids at 12:35 PM